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Protecting Your Investment

Protecting Your Investment and Dock Your Worries

Countless hours and research generally goes into selecting the boat of your dreams. From attending boat shows and looking at glossy marketing materials and research on the web, you invest a lot of time to ensure that the boat you choose fits your lifestyle and family needs. But how do you protect that new investment?

Boating regulations and insurance policies are different for each state and from company to company. If you are not sure what your current policy covers, take time out to review it and ensure you have the coverage you need. If you have recently purchased a boat and don’t have it insured, make this a priority.

Be sure you understand policy types and the limitations of your coverage before something happens to either your boat or your passengers. Boat insurance can go beyond coverage of your boat to include protecting you from personal injury, property damage and medical claims that may arise out of ownership.

Consider asking your insurance company the following questions:

  • Do I get discounts for completing boating safety courses?
  • Are younger operators covered?
  • Will I receive the actual cash value or replacement cost if my boat is totaled?
  • Are there any unique exclusions in my state?
  • Does my insurance policy cover the boat AND the trailer?
  • If I have an accident off shore, how am I covered?

Knowing the types of coverage available can protect your investment and set you on a course of happy ownership.

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