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Water Tips to "Live" By

For some waterfront homeowners, living by the water means 24/7 access to sun, boating and cocktails on the dock at six o’clock. For others, waterfront living equals a retreat-a quiet place to connect with nature. Whatever lifestyle you desire, there’s plenty of waterfront property in Indiana to suit your needs. But before you take the plunge into lakeside living, consider these tips to ensure you find the waterfront home - and lifestyle - of your dreams.

  • Find a real estate agent who is experienced in selling and buying waterfront property. There are several things to consider with waterfront property and you’ll want someone familiar with the ins and outs of lakeside living to guide you in finding a good deal on property that’s right for you.

  • Understand the upkeep involved with waterfront property. While a house on the water requires much of the same regular maintenance as your normal residence, there are things that are unique to waterfront property, such as waterfowl, docks and boat storage.

  • Consider the whole property - not just the house. Remember, you’re buying more than a lake house. You’re purchasing property that will be a large part of your waterfront experience. You will want to think about the activities that will be part of your waterfront living - swimming in the lake, boating, jet skiing, fishing and water skiing, for example - and choose a property that allows you to engage in them easily and enjoyable.

  • Decide on your boat speed. Are you one that plans to sail? Or does sitting and fishing for hours bring you enjoyment? Or maybe your family members are all avid skiers and tubers? Whatever your passion, it’s important that before you dive into a home purchase, you determine the type of boats your lake permits.

  • Secure proper insurance. Many waterfront property owners will want to invest in flood insurance. Be sure to check with neighbors or call your insurance agent to determine proper insurance to cover you and your home.

We have many lake experts at who specialize in waterfront properties. Reach out to them about current market conditions and exclusive homes on the lake of your desire.

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