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Balancing Building & Shoreline Preservation

For many, our earliest memories at the lake are from playing at the waterline - catching tadpoles and learning to swim. But shorelines furnish nursery areas for the young of other species as well, including fish, ducks, turtles and dragonflies.

Lake-dwelling fish depend on a diverse mixture of habitats for laying eggs and raising their young, particularly during spring and summer. The tree roots, fallen logs, boulders and plants that occur naturally along lake shorelines provide places to hide from predators. Without protective cover in shallow water, predators will consume excessive numbers of young fish, leading to a decline in fish stocks. These crevices and plants also support a variety of vital food resources for many species of wading birds, waterfowl, turtles, fish and other animals which feed on plants, insects, crayfish, snails and small fish along the shoreline.

Shorelines can erode through many processes. Natural causes of erosion include currents, waves, ice and rain. Many human activities may significantly increase the rate of erosion. Some common causes include:

  • Removal of natural vegetation for property development or creation of beaches

  • Improper installation of erosion control structures

  • Dredging, filling or construction near shoreline

  • nadequate protection against storm water run-off from roofs, driveways, streets and other developed areas.

What can you do to protect your shoreline?

  • Preserve the natural shoreline as much as possible.

  • Maintain a proper watercraft speed when approaching or passing close to shore. Wakes generated by motorboats and personal watercraft can cause extensive shoreline damage when the waves impact the lakeshore and lake bottom.

  • Consider using a temporary or floating dock, rather than a permanent dock.

  • Carefully select erosion control methods.

A properly managed lakeshore will provide benefits to residents above and below the water by protecting the lake shoreline from excessive erosion, enhancing the natural beauty and value of lakefront homes and providing food and shelter for fish, birds and other wildlife.

To learn more about lakeshore protection, visit This information is courtesy of the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Also, if you are considering shoreline improvements, be sure to contact a professional marine contractor. Find experts at or check out our Shoreline Sponsor, Thomas Docks at

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