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Pick a palette… Color. Is there an area of our lives that isn’t affected by it? When it comes to furniture, color is key. Unless you're planning to completely redecorate as the seasons change, it’s important to choose wisely and well. And now, more than ever – even for outdoor furniture, the possibilities are endless.

If it’s been awhile since you’ve shopped for your patio or sunroom, you’re definitely in for a treat! No longer do you have to choose between durability and variety. You can have sun-resistant, easy-to-care-for, long lasting fabrics in every color of the spectrum! Whether your tastes lean toward solids, wild geometric prints, or florals, there is a solution died acrylic or easy care polyester for you!

Sunbrella is just one of the name brands associated with weather resistant fabrics for indoor and outdoor living. Each of our vendors has a collection of beautiful fabrics from which to choose and in addition, we have access to a wide array of samples from manufacturers large and small. With the choices available, we can assist you in creating your ideal space!

The combination of an indoor/outdoor fabric and outdoor cushions means low maintenance, easy care … and fewer worries about spills and pets. Just hose them down and stand them up (zipper side down) to drain. A little bit of bleach in your mild soap solution should take care of most spots. There are special products available as well, but dish soap and water work just fine.

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