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Why Wicker?

Why Wicker?

Traditional or contemporary. Indoor or outdoor. Natural fiber or vinyl. Cushions or no cushions. Neutral shades or bright colors …. Is there a type of furniture with more options than wicker? Dating back to the ancient Egyptians, natural fibers have been woven into baskets, tables, chairs and other household items. But modern technology has taken “wicker” to a whole new level.

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One of the best known wicker manufacturers in the United States is Lloyd Flanders. Since 1906, when Marshall B. Lloyd began producing baby buggies and natural fiber furniture in Menomonee, Michigan, “Lloyd Loom” has been synonymous with quality wicker. Joined by the Flanders family over a quarter of a century ago, Lloyd Flanders has led the way with innovations and improvements to the original product. And, while Lloyd Flanders is now one of many manufacturers making woven furniture for outdoors, the best of them share some common standards- beginning with the frame. Our manufacturers use only aluminum and stainless steel on their all-weather wicker frames. This is crucial because if the frame begins to rust, the lifespan of your furniture will be very short indeed. The combination of a well-made aluminum frame and coated fiber or virgin vinyl wicker means many years of enjoyment. This is furniture that will be in the family for generations.

“Great furniture is not woven to fill spaces in the home.
It is woven for the spaces in our lives.
It is woven for laughter, and for family.
It is woven for romance, and for quiet contemplation.
It is woven for rest, and for play.
We believe great design, craftsmanship, and life-long durability are all intertwined.
That is why our furniture has become a part of so many lives.”
© Lloyd Flanders

Visit Especially Wicker at 82nd & Dean Rd. in Indianapolis, or for more information.

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