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Despite all the new and varied options in patio furniture, sometimes the most natural choice for outdoor living is still a hardwood such as teak, ipé, or roble.  Of the three, teak is the best known – and, in much the same way that “Kleenex®” has become synonymous with tissue – the word teak is used by many to describe any outdoor wood furniture. 

Just as there are differences in the quality of tissues, there are definite grades of quality and endurance in the various hardwoods.  While roble (pronounced r­oe-blay) is as durable as teak, many people are unaware that ipé (pronounced ee-pay) rates higher in durability than either of the others.  So much so that it took a major hurricane and a raging fire to put a dent in the Atlantic City boardwalk after more than 65 years!  Best known for high quality decks, ipé is also used in patio furniture and accessories.  Treat it periodically to maintain its color, or just let it age beautifully and naturally.

In addition to strength and durability, the weight of some of these pieces can be considerable.  This is a definite plus if you’re outdoor area gets a lot of wind.  Another important element to take into consideration with any of these hardwoods is the age of the tree itself when harvested.  The older the tree, the tighter the grain which means a much denser, stronger wood. 

For low maintenance furniture, it doesn’t get much easier than one of these hardwoods.  Simply hose your furniture off and you’re good to go.  Or, just let the rain do it for you.  Complete the look with cushions in an outdoor fabric for easy care comfort.  Visit Especially Wicker at 82nd & Dean Rd. in Indianapolis, or for more information. 

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