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Kosciusko Lake Info

Kosciusko County is privileged to have a wealth of natural lakes, which provide recreational boating, fishing, and general enjoyment. Among the 44 major lakes, that the county is privileged to have is Lake Wawasee, which is the largest natural lake, at approximately 3400 acres, in the State of Indiana and Lake Tippecanoe the Deepest Lake, at approximately 120 feet, in the State of Indiana


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Big Chapman Lake

Located in Kosciusko County, about 5 miles northeast of Warsaw, Indiana.

This unique body of water is comprised of Big Chapman Lake on the north and Little Chapman Lake on the south and is connected by a dual-lane channel. These spring-fed lakes have no incoming major streams, but, there are five major drains serving the 4,500 acres of the Chapman Lake’s watershed, about seven square miles. There are about 725 homes on the lakes, with more than 75-percent of these that are considered to be year-around residences. As a result, the two lakes can easily be considered a "community" of more than 2,500 family residents.

Together the two lakes comprise 638 acres with Big Chapman, large enough for skiing and power boating, about three times the size of Little Chapman Lake.

Fishing, historically a major attraction of these two lakes, is particularly good for bluegill and bass. Chapman Lakes are considered among the best in Indiana.

The more than 240-acres of wetlands helps keep water quality better than many Indiana lakes.

Big Chapman Lake has 48,241 feet of shoreline; Little Chapman Lake has 27,374 feet of shoreline (including wetlands areas). More than 260 acres of wetlands, primarily on the west side of Little Chapman are vital to maintaining the water quality of the lakes.

Property Listings

Beautiful 3 BR Home on Big Chapman For Sale

$347,700.00 Home,  For Sale
Contact: Deb Paton-Showley, Broker
Waterfront: Yes
Views: 108
Added: Oct 10, 2017
Updated: Oct 10, 2017
Lakefront Charm

Quality Finishes and Low Maintenance on Chapman Lake

$335,000.00 Home,  Sold
Contact: Deb Paton-Showley/Kim Conrad, Broker
Waterfront: Yes
Views: 919
Added: Jul 30, 2015
Updated: Jul 30, 2015
Pier on Big Chapman Lake

Price Reduced! 100 Ft on Big Chapman Lake With Potential to Remodel or Rebuild

$299,500.00 Home,  Sold
Contact: Deb Paton-Showley/Kim Conrad, Broker
Waterfront: Yes
Views: 1103
Added: Apr 21, 2015
Updated: Jun 29, 2015

New Price-Great Channel Front Property at $165,000.

$165,000.00 Home,  Sold
Contact: Deb Paton-Showley/Kim Conrad, Broker
Waterfront: Yes
Views: 1787
Added: Apr 1, 2013
Updated: Aug 30, 2013
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